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Bats may begin to emerge and signs of limited activity can be seen. There are small numbers feeding as it gets warmer.

In bad weather, they may become torpid. Bats have mainly come out of hibernation and are hungry and active, feeding on most nights. They may move between several roost sites and can become torpid cool and inactive again when cold. Bats are fully active and feeding. Females start forming maternity colonies and looking for suitable nursery sites, such as buildings or trees. Males roost on their own or in small groups.

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Female bats usually give birth to a single pup, which they feed on their milk. Young bats are very small less than an inch with thin, slightly grey fur. Adult bats will catch thousands of insects each in a night. Mothers continue to suckle babies. Some bats grow fast and are almost full-size; others are still very small. At around three weeks, young bats are sometimes found on the ground as they learn to fly. The summer maternity colonies begin to disperse and bats may move to mating roosts. Mating season begins. Males of most species use special calls to attract females, which can include purrs, clicks, and buzzing.


Bats also concentrate on building up fat stores for the coming months. More mating is taking place, and building up fat reserves is becoming crucial to survive the winter season. Bats are seeking suitable hibernation sites, and beginning periods of torpor. Periods of torpor are lasting longer. Some begin hibernation, to save energy over the colder months, when insects are harder to find.

Even Luke's daughter April Vanessa Marano , an inventive and scientifically minded teenager, has been transformed into a pot-smoking hippie. Rory, however, is the prime example of what appears to be the Palladinos' generational animus. Revival Rory has no fixed address, repeats the relationship mistakes of her teen years by cheating on her boyfriend, relies on Logan's connections to get a sit down with Conde Naste—an opportunity she wastes—and implodes during an interview for another writing job she obviously expected to be hers. It's the aforementioned final six words, however, that are the most disturbing part of the revival, particularly for what they suggest about the Palladinos' planned arc for the series.

Sitting with her mother in the Stars Hollow town square, the newly single Rory reveals she's pregnant. While getting pregnant at 32 is preferable to getting pregnant at 16, or 22, if that was the plan all along, there's a deeper problem at work. Having Rory's arc mirror her mother's suggests that single mothers raise daughters who also become single parents, despite being given numerous financial and professional opportunities. Even fantasy series such as Buffy didn't hit the "destiny" button this hard.

In the world of Gilmore Girls , there's no transcending one's upbringing: Lane never escapes, Logan never defies, and Rory never succeeds.

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For a bright, witty, and colorful series such as Gilmore Girls , it's a dark and depressing message. That being said, there are some great moments within the series. Emily's character arc, in which she comes to terms both with Richard's death and what kind of life she actually wants, is masterfully done. The final episode, "Fall", offers many such moments, particularly Emily calling her society friends on their, to use her word, "bullshit", then selling the family mansion to settle instead into a small house in Nantucket; a house she opens up to those she spent dismissing throughout the original series.

Lorelai's call to her mother to share her best memory of her father is moving and long overdue, as were Luke and Lorelai's fairytale-themed nuptials. Rory's conversation with her father Christopher David Sutcliffe , who shares enough personality traits with Logan to make both relationships a bit queasy to watch, is a well-written and subtle scene whose true resonance isn't clear until the end of the series. It's possible that these four episodes don't represent the end of the Gilmore universe; there has been some talk of a second season on either Netflix or Amazon Amazon is producing the Palladinos' new series The Marvelous Mrs.

Despite my disappointment in the stagnated character growth—or lack thereof—a second season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life offers numerous thematic and narrative elements worth exploring. With any luck, it would leave the Gilmores in a better place. Sadly, while the DVD offers a good transfer, it's also a bare-bones release.

Will The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Get A Second Season? Netflix Just Dropped A Hint

There are no deleted scenes, episode commentaries, or panel discussions. The ATX TV Festival that reunited the cast not long before Herrmann's death would have been a great addition, or a featurette focused on his contributions to the series.

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The lack of special features offers little to differentiate this release from its release on Netflix; another missed opportunity in a revival defined by them. TOPY and Genesis P-Orridge's knowing adoption of cult iconography and organizing principles quickly slid from satiric emulation to full embrace -- and we all went along with it. Composer Mario Diaz de Leon uses traditional classical instruments in combination with experimental electronics on his latest album Cycle and Reveal featuring four recent works.

Hear it in full now. Prolific singer-songwriter Wallis Bird tackles inequality and a world in crisis with her compelling, freewheeling new album, Woman. On It Ain't the Same, Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jack Klatt offers hope that love and joy can still overcome the darkness of a world turned upside down.

Electro duo the Juan MacLean release a flat collection of previously released house singles on The Brighter the Light. Underground palaces in communist spaces provide not only transport but also refuge in the former USSR. Revisiting our best electronic albums from , we find these records have stood the test of time.

Underrated American treasure Jude Johnstone presents refreshingly spare, uncluttered grownup ballads on her latest, Living Room. Dinosaur Jr.

This expanded edition from Cherry Red Records makes the case for hearing it free of the baggage of that alt rock era. Eurotrash bargain basement new wave dance pop, with the occasional moody detour, is business as usual for Stereo Total, and business is good on Ah! After an accident that could have ended his career, folk blues artist Charlie Parr recovered and recorded an album comprised largely of older tunes.

It marks a particular moment in the musician's life and his belief that songs never die. Bernard Rose's Candyman offers a moody "elegance", if you will, that's sorely lacking in other horror films of the era.