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The purpose of salvation and being a Christian is to become like Jesus. We are disciples of Jesus Christ and when a disciple is fully trained he will be like his teacher Luke God is conforming us into His image Romans and we are looking forward to being like Him 1 John Were the Apostles fanatical?

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Was Paul an extremist? Is Christianity radical? The answer to all of those is yes. Why then should it be considered fanatical to strive to live for Christ and proclaim His message to the world when that is the purpose of our life and reason for our existence? Such a life should be the mark of every believer, not just the apostles and certain church leaders. Some of you are familiar with the story of Jim Elliot and the others that became martyrs just over 56 years ago in their effort to bring the gospel to the Auca tribe.

Jim Elliot was saved when he was fairly young and he committed himself to Bible Training. While in college he was well known and liked, a good student, school champion wrestler, member of the student council and president of the Foreign Missions Fellowship. Jim Elliot could have fit into a pastorate anywhere in America, but God put a different burden on his heart.

There were those even then that thought it somewhat foolish to serve God in such a radical manner. Jim thought differently. But a flame is transient, often short-lived.

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Canst thou bear this, my soul — short life? God used Jim Elliot in this manner. Jim delayed marriage to begin his work as a missionary. When he did marry, his wife joined him in Ecuador to work among the Quichua Indians, but Jim wanted to reach a new tribe. These were the Aucas, a fierce and dangerous tribe. Jim along with four other men prayed and planned and finally began the work.

There was initial success. The Auc as seemed to welcome the gifts dropped to them from a plane. There was more prayer, more planning, more gifts, and finally they were ready to try to make personal contact. A base was set up on a sandbar on the bank of the river close to where the Auca village was located. But could they make more contact?

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Could the missionaries contact the whole village? There was more prayer, more planning and finally one morning, after the plane had flown over the village to try to encourage them to come to the camp on the sandbar, a group of 10 men were seen going toward the missionary camp. Pray for us. This is the Day! Will contact you next at four-thirty.

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That contact never came. Five days later, a rescue party found their bodies in the river with Auca spears in them. They gave their lives in their efforts to reach these ignorant people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The world would say that is foolish that God allowed five men to die. He allowed five women to be widowed.

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The widow of Jim Elliot, Elizabeth, along with their baby daughter, Valerie, then went to live in the Auca village and they became friends with the men who had killed Jim. I do know — absolutely — that God is calling you to serve Him where you are right now with the same commitment that Jim Elliot and those other four men had. For whosoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it.

For what will a man be profited, if he gains the whole world, and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels; and will then recompense every man according to his deeds. Or are you willing to be such a wise fool. The reality is that you will be one type of fool or another. What type of fool are you and what type do you want to be? Are you an ignorant fool? An educated fool?

An apathetic fool? Or are you willing to be a wise fool, a fool for Christ. That is the kind of fool I want to be! Here is some help. Young Children — draw a picture about something you hear during the sermon. Explain your picture s to your parents at lunch. Older Children — Do one or more of the following: 1 Write down all the Scripture references made.

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Talk with your parents about the different types of fools and the type you want to be. Questions to consider in discussing the sermon with others. What is the definition of a fool according to Proverbs ? What is a practical atheist? Read Isaiah and summarize the foolishness described. How is the equivalent of this manifested in our society? Describe the Ignorant Fool. How should you respond to the Ignorant Fool? Describe the Educated Fool. How do they generally differ from Ignorant Fools? What kind of people are Educated Fools? How should you respond to them?

Why should you not be intimidated by them? How does Matthew apply to your response to them? Why is your behavior important in dealing with them — 1 Peter ?


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Describe the Apathetic Fool? How should respond to them? What is a Wise fool? How does our society respond to those who believe and follow the Bible? How did unbelievers treat Paul? Ushering in either a brave new world or a spectacular hoax, a company linked to a religious sect that believes in space aliens announced in December of that it had produced the world's first cloned baby.

The group never produced the cloned child and was eventually exposed as a publicity stunt. This is a still photo made from a 16mm film made by Ivan Marx, reportedly showing the legendary Bigfoot cavorting in the hills of northern California. While Marx insisted his film was real, it has been widely written off as a hoax.

People all over the world were amazed and mystified by the strange crop circles appearing in fields all over Britain in the late s and early s. Journalists pronounced that they were impossible to be made by man. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter used April Fool's Day to have a little fun with what he says is a real problem: distracted walking. City officials painted lines and oblivious stick-figure pictures on one stretch of John F.

Kennedy Boulevard near City Hall as a jab at pedestrians who keep their eyes on their cellphone screens instead of their surroundings. Milli Vanilli won the Best New Artist Grammy in but were later stripped of the award when it was made public they had not sung a single note on their album.

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Sporting an untamed beard, a few extra pounds and an eagerness to pursue a rap career, the Academy Award nominated star Joaquin Phoenix appeared on David Letterman's show and claimed that he was quitting acting for a hip-hop career. Peters pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to 13 years and six months jail. In , American prankster Joey Skaggs ran an ad in The Village Voice offering dog owners a chance to buy their pets a night with alluring companions, including Fifi, the French poodle.

Media helicopters, military aircraft and the FAA all assisted in tracking down the wayward balloon, the flight of which was broadcast live across the nation.