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This profile paints a clear picture of the type of people this coffee shop might want to target: A young, millennial, hipster, socially conscious individual. A perfect persona for an online bookstore. Before you even write a single word of content, you have to know which keywords you want to rank high on search engines. The keywords that you choose to target can make all the difference for your business so do your best to make sure your keyword research game is on point.

A dream keyword would be highly-relevant, high-volume, low-competition and high-buyer intent. How many searches is good? It is impossible to tell if a search volume is high enough or not. I know the keywords with a search volume of 1. It is always a good idea to assess the competition and search the long tail or alternative versions to find the keywords that are in the sweet spot of medium-volume and medium-competition.

You not necessarily looking for a customer who is at the end of the funnel, looking at the results with his credit card in his other hand but you do not want to have free-riders as well. I will input my keyword in an excel file and I give each keyword a score from 0 from according to their relevancy, volume, competition level and intent.

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Relevancy — If the keyword is super valuable, it gets If it is not relevant at all, it gets 0. The volume will depend on your industry. Some industries have high search volumes but low value and some industries have lower search volumes but high value. In my industry, searches per month is a very good volume, so what I do is I divide the search volume to If search volume is per month, then search volume score is Competition — There are SEO tools to measure the competition for keywords but I prefer to assess the competition manually.

For example, if the competition is super high for my keyword and I have to compete with DA90 websites with thousands of backlinks to the page, it is a 0.

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If the first result is a DA12 site with only 2 backlinks to the page, it is a If you are not on the first page of Google for your search term, so may as well be on the 10th page, so there is no point in spending any money or time for a keyword that you have a good possibility to rank in the first page. This way you will have a better chance to serve you content to people who are more interested to what you do and stay as much possible away from people who will never buy anything from you in a million years.

Do I Need a Financial Advisor? It is perfectly relevant with what I do, search volume is satisfactory, competition is beatable and search intent is very commercial. My go-to keyword! Personal Finance Tips — Still a very good keyword and topic idea. It is relevant enough and search volume is good. Competition is a bit tough and search intent is a bit top of the funnel. Still workable though. Financial Advisors in Atlanta — Another good keyword, even though this keyword has a relatively low search volume, it has good relevancy because of proximity and search intent is very commercial.

A Word Of Caution About Typical FIRE Methods

Also, writing about this subject can help me gain credibility and position me as an expert in my field. How to Select a Financial Advisor? Though it is relevant, the search volume is very low and competition is okay, commercial intent is not that high and search volume is really low. I may come back to this keyword once I run out of content ideas but I can really find tens of other keywords with better search volume and higher commercial intent.

FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) For Non-Frugal People

How to Become a Personal Financial Advisor? It would help me gain credibility but as I already picked another keyword to work on for that matter Personal Finance Advisor Salary , I will skip this keyword. Personal Financial Advisor Jobs — People who are using this search term are either Personal Financial Advisors looking for a job or people planning to be a Personal Financial Advisor and exploring job opportunities. Not relevant at all either way so I will skip this one.

When a keyword has zero search intent, I do not even bother looking at the other metrics, I just skip and not be bothered with this keyword at all. As you see, I graded each keyword and now I have a clear idea of which keywords to target and in which order.

FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) For Non-Frugal People

Ahrefs Content Explorer — Ahrefs Content Explorer allows you to see the most-shared and most-popular content about any industry, keyword, topic. Enter a topic or keyword related to your industry and you can sort them with backlinks, social media shares, age and so on. Another thing you can do with Ahrefs Content Explorer is stealing competitor contents. Enter a competitor domain and see which content performs the best for them, which topic and areas they cover and or do not cover so that you can make better-informed decisions about your content marketing strategy.

Where Do They Get Off, Anyway?

Google Trends — Google trends is the place where you can find what people are most curious in time. Very valuable. Sub-reddit and Quora topics are a great place to start keyword research.

You can engage with your audience directly on Facebook Groups, directly ask them what are their struggles and problems and also come up with new ideas just by watching the discussion. But, he is widely considered the best basketball coach of all time. Writing is not my greatest strength. I am not a great content writer. I can write a good email copy, I can write a good blog post, I can write a sales copy. But, I prefer to focus on the content strategy and content distribution part of content marketing as I can easily find people who can do the writing part much better than I can.

But, I know how great content is created and what a great piece of content looks like. Here is the truth: Not everyone can write a new Harry Potter. Copywriting is a planned, brushed out, commercial type of writing. Introduction — Try to present the problem in the first few sentences of your content. This is your chance to either catch or lose them. Detail the benefits and give a summary of the chapter.

Make it actionable, give plenty of detail. Conclusion — Contrast your solution with common inferior approaches. Add a brief summary and a motivational line.

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Do not get too personal — Your reader should feel like you are either talking to them or talking about them in most of the content unless you are telling a relatable personal story. Remember, this is not your diary. Keep Your Audience in Mind — you only know your audience best so decide how much information they want, how much they already know and what they trying to learn from your content.

A how-to post is written with the aim of providing detailed and practical advice about the way to do something. How to posts and tutorials are still the most-common content format and there are literally hundreds of ways to write them, in questions-answers format, in lists format, or plain text format. Listicles lists posts rule the internet now.

They are visual, light, easier to consume and shareable. Listicles usually have an eye-catching title, and start with a short introduction, followed by list items numbered and a conclusion; lots of images placed here and there.


Most shared listicles all have a catchy title, lots of images, a compact text and between list items. Surveying people about a topic relevant to your audience and publishing the results of the survey on your site. Most people find content that contains data and numbers more trustworthy so they will be more aligned to read, engage and link. A case study usually includes testimonials, screenshots, industry data. It is very important to include social proof as well. Writing a mediocre results case study is worse than not writing it at all. Try your best to make your case study look like a story, not a boring technical post.