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I look forward to seeing what you write next. Which we ALL know is gonna be awesome! Dear Priscilla, I strongly agree with you about this topic. There is animals out there that has been killed for food. I have never told no one about this. I just hate the fact that people do these things to animals. I know they are going to be awesome! Have a good day.

Priscilla, I strongly agree with you on this topic. They should be treated fairly. We have human rights, so they definitely have animal rights.

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Thanks for sharing this post. I am excited to see what you post next. Priscilla, I agree with your views. There have been and continue to be unjust killing of animals in this country. Whether it is for food, clothing, or sport, they are unjust. Another topic of issue related to this is the amount of animal testing we have in the USA.

I am eager to see what else you post. Dear Priscilla, I strongly agree with you on this topic. Many habitats of animals have been destroyed because of selfish people who only care about what they want. Animals do deserve a lot of respect because we are all in a food web and if one species is taken away we will all suffer. Priscilla, I agree with you Priscilla.


Whether it is for food, clothing, or sport, people should know that all life is beautiful. Another topic of issue related to this is the animals being harmed just for testing in the USA. I hope you post again soon. Have a Great Day! Dear Priscilla, I agree with your statement. I feel like animals are being hunted a lot.


Many types of Animals are being hunted such as Bears and Deers. Also, because they just do it for fun or to eat them. They are also endangering them by destroying their environment. I have never experienced anything like that in my life but it seems really sad to be killing animals. This is also a huge problem with zoos in this country. Animals that walk thousands of miles are confined to a 20 ft box. Do you think the president will ever make changes to protect wildlife?

Or does he have bigger things to worry about? Priscilla, I agree with your post and the heartbreak that this issue involves. There are people who find joy out of hunting these animals and it seems incredibly unjust.

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I hope there can be more people who rise up against this and try to do what they can to stop it. Instead of allowing endangered animals to be hunted as an activity, we should help to preserve them and hold onto their existence. I strongly agree with your article. It is a huge problem animals being killed because of their skins, hands, horns and many more.

This killing spree of animals should stop forever. Animals are very special in our lives because we get food from them so if in one day there are no animals we will die. Priscilla 's profile was updated 2 years, 11 months ago.

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This book is perfect for: encouraging your future self remembering your dreams to reach for captivating the moment cherishing the magic of all possibility Parents love the Preserve the Memories series for these reasons: helps speech development increases literacy develops a sense of sequence creates confidence develops an appreciation for life and self direction boots creativity Once you get this book, notice how handy it is - perfect journal size means it's easy to write in and frustration free.

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