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Embryology, Ronald W. Dudek , , , The text outlines the important facts and concepts tested on the USMLE, within the context of human embryologic development. The book also includes radiographs, sonograms, computed tomography scans, and photographs of various congenital malformations. Clinical images have been placed closer to the relevant text. A companion website offers the fully searchable text and an interactive question bank.

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  • French, Cecil Bell , , , Miller, Carolyn Corey , , , Actual old trade goods, such as Hudson's Bay collectibles, trade beads, trade cloth, and trade blankets, are also featured. Contemporary replicas of traditional Indian art appear, including clothing, ornamented blankets, pouches and bags, parfleches, and more.

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    This the first book to examine the films of the acclaimed and popular Indian-born and Harvard educated filmmaker, Mira Nair. A unique voice in cinema today, she is one of the few female directors who made it to the top of a male-dominated profession. Her films feature an incomparably sensuous visual style yet at the same time often record the injustice of the disenfranchised and the cross-pollination of East and West. Her twin themes of realism and romance make for dazzling cinema. In this superb volume, James C. Cobb provides the first truly comprehensive history of the South since World War II, brilliantly capturing an era of dramatic change, both in the South and in its relationship with the rest of the nation.

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