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From fast grab and go to casual and fine dining, you will find a wide variety of food options available. Let us make your next event a special event. We also offer local favorites set up with carts throughout the concourse. Our foods are fried in Trans-Fat Free Oil.

Volunteering at PNC Arena is a great way for groups to raise money while being right in the action! Dessert is also available for an additional charge. Menu options and offerings vary based on each event, please check individual event menus for specific details and pricing. With a full selection of beer, wine and liquor the Ledge Lounge is a great place to mingle during the game or at the intermission.

If your appetite is searching for more than a burger or hot dog and unable to make it to the Club Restaurant then visit our Carvery Carts located inside the Ledge Lounge. Included are homemade chips and all the sides to go with it. The Ledge Lounge is also on the south end of the Club Level between sections and most easily accessed by using the VIP Entrance, located to the left of the box office.

Food and drink

Please park in your designated area and proceed to this entrance and staff members at the VIP Concierge Desk will direct you to the elevators. All other ticket holders with Club Level access are invited to join us when the building opens one hour prior to game time. Please note that for non-conference games the Ledge Lounge opens one hour prior to game time.

Here is just a sample of what's on offer. Pullman Liverpool, voted Hotel of the Year , is one of the city's most stylish hotels. Wheeler's of St. Wheeler's reputation has been built on seafood, however the menu offers a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes that make it accessible to all. From high street favourites to high-end boutiques, your fabulous shopping experience is a short stroll from the venue. The only purpose-built interconnected arena, convention centre and exhibition centre in Europe, ACC Liverpool is a world class family of venues in a unique waterfront location.

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Working as the social media manager for Black Tap Burger at the time, Stark was originally wiped from history after restaurant owner Joe Isidori took credit for the creation. However, it's since been revealed that Stark was the true inventor of the freakshake. Prior to launching Inspired Start, Friedman worked as a biochemist at Pfizer, where his work focused on immunology pathways. By gradually introducing babies to small doses of allergens, parents can help their children reduce the risk of developing lifelong food allergies.


Read more: I'm using a new fruit puree for babies to safely introduce allergens to my five-month-old daughter — and she can't get enough of it. Ad man Nils Leonard, the former creative chairman of agency Grey London, paired up with master coffee brewer David Foster and coffee entrepreneur Richard Kieswick in to found Halo , the world's first fully home compostable coffee capsule. The network grew until Leibowitz could no longer handle his workload at the NoMad and his project at the same time. The idea is that INHOUSE members are treated like regulars at whichever restaurant in the network they choose to dine at — from knowing what wines they're into, to where they like to sit, to whether they have a sweet tooth.

While perhaps not the most obvious choice on this list, The Duchess of Sussex made a statement when she chose to make her first solo project as a royal the launch of a charity cookbook. Markle had the idea for "Together: Our Community Cookbook" after she met the women at the Hubb Community Kitchen, a group of women who came together after the Grenfell Tower fire in west London to prepare fresh food for their families and neighbours.

The book features 50 recipes from the women at Hubb, as well as a foreword from Markle, and a portion of the proceeds from its sales go towards the community. Speaking at the book launch last year, Markle said: "The power of food is more than just the meal itself. It is the story behind it. And when you get to know the story of the recipe, you get to know the person behind it. Greg Lambrecht may be an inventor of medical devices, but he also loves wine — so he used this background and his knowledge of physics, mechanical engineering, and nuclear power to create a device which allows bottles to be accessed and resealed without ever taking the cork out.

Coravin , which he founded in , pushes a non-coring needle through the cork while it's still in the bottle without allowing oxygen to get in. When wine is poured, it's replaced with argon gas — meaning a bottle can still taste good up to 18 months later, which is a game-changer for bars and restaurants looking to expand their wine lists without throwing out half-empty bottles. The latest edition, the Coravin Model Eleven, also includes an LED display which monitors battery life, pour size, and tells you when the system needs cleaning, Bluetooth connectivity to the Coravin app, which helps users discover new wines or track those they already own in a "virtual cellar," and an automatic pouring function, which allows users to pour the perfect amount with one motion.

In , Business Insider reported that a Harry Potter-inspired pub with "magic" working wands and floating candles was coming to London. Initially launched as a pop-up, the concept has been so successful its founders, Matthew Cortland and David Duckworth, now have two permanent bars in New York City and London. The duo have a Kickstarter campaign to thank for The Cauldron pub in New York, The Blind Phoenix speakeasy in London, and their immersive potions experiences , which all use technology and the Internet of things to allow fans to brew molecular cocktails or pour drinks using working wands.

Read more: I visited New York City's new magical-themed pub with working wands. Here's what it was like. Jago and Espey might have the coolest job in the world — they're rare spirit hunters. The pair took over The Last Drop Distillers from their fathers Tom and James who, between them, have created some of the world's most iconic liquor products.

Their jobs are to source, bottle, and sell incredibly rare, high-quality product to high-profile clientele. One week they might be cruising through the winding lanes of rural Cognac on the way to an indiscriminate barn filled to the rafters with casks and demijohns of aged brandy. The next they'll be scouring the Douro Valley for a port so old that time almost forgot about it.

Read more: Meet the rare liquor hunters who travel the world looking for priceless booze. The Last Drop's latest release is a Cognac from , which had been hidden from the advancing Nazi forces in a false barn wall. Recipe delivery services may be 10 a penny now, but back in , no one had heard of the concept. HelloFresh was a game-changer.

It was started by Richter and Griesel, who shared the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy wholesome, home-made meals with no preparing, no shopping, and no hassle.

Put on a Happy Face

At the start, the duo spent their nights testing all the recipes themselves, and packaged and delivered the recipe boxes full of ingredients by hand. Now, HelloFresh delivers Read more: HelloFresh has launched special Mother's Day meal kits — I tried the boozy brunch box and was impressed by the quality of the food.

While Hulme has been in charge of Lidl's alcohol selection, the budget supermarket has won reams of awards for its booze and its reputation in the market has been completely transformed. Hulme recently confirmed to Business Insider that he will be leaving the company in the coming months, and we're excited to see what he does next. Patrick "Pat" O'Reilly Brown is the chief executive and founder of Impossible Foods , the company at the forefront of the plant-based "meat" movement.

Food And Drink In Economy | Economy Meals | Virgin Atlantic

He founded the company in , and in the now famous Impossible Burger launched in restaurants. Unlike traditional vegetarian and vegan burgers, which are typically crumbly in texture and made mainly from pulses, the Impossible Burger is remarkably close to meat in taste and texture, and has since spawned a wave of similar products launching across the globe. Designed to be good for both people and the planet, and to appeal to meat-eaters as well as veggies, the "meat" can also be eaten as meatballs or mince for the likes of tacos.

The company claims that each time someone eats one of their burgers as opposed to a meat version, they save the equivalent of a minute shower's worth of water and 18 driving miles of greenhouse gas emissions.


Read more: This Silicon Valley startup behind the veggie burger that 'bleeds' just fixed its biggest problem. Suffering with life-threatening allergies from a young age led Barnes to develop the Allergy Amulet : a portable device which can tell you whether a food contains certain allergens.

With a law degree from Vermont Law School and a master's degree from Yale University, Barnes launched the company in , and the first product launch is slated for Simply swipe a single-use test strip over your food, insert your strip into the Amulet, and in a minute's time you'll have the result on the Amulet reader and on an app on your phone.

It's intended to make eating out a lot safer for those with allergies, and has been designed to look as good as it is practical. Read more: This wearable allergy-detection strip could save your child's life. It wasn't long ago that asking for a dairy-free milk alternative in your coffee got you nothing but a perplexed eyebrow raise. Sure, you can get everything from soya and coconut to hemp and macadamia milk these days, but general consensus is that the most delicious dairy-free milk is oat.

Oatly is not only the biggest brand on the scene, but also the first company to invent oat milk. Oatly not only froths up to make creamy lattes like regular milk, but the brand also has fun packaging that moves away from the preachy ethos of some plant-based food products. And people love it. There was actually an Oatly shortage in the US last year. Many dairy consumers now opt for it over cow's milk, not just in hot drinks but smoothies and porridges, too.

The company was started in Sweden 25 years ago, but the brand's recent meteoric rise, however, is largely down to CEO Toni Petersson, who came on board six years ago. A former restaurateur, he believes Oatly can contribute to society by helping people upgrade their lives without taxing the health of the planet. Read more: Oat milk is popping up in coffee shops everywhere — here's why baristas love it. Now the cofounder of holding company Social Entertainment Ventures , Breeden has been the brains behind London going-out hotspots like bowling venue All Star Lanes , Bounce ping pong, Flight Club darts bar, and Puttshack digital golf.

Not only have his concepts changed the nightlife scene in the UK capital, but they've also hit US shores with locations in Boston and Chicago — and there's more to come, with plans to put a "groundbreaking twist on bingo" in the works. Chef Chan started as a hawker in Singapore. Hawker centers are open-air collections of inexpensive street food stands beloved in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and beyond. My own wish is every day to be a good chef. I'd be very happy.

Read more: We tried the world's cheapest Michelin-starred meal — here's what it's like. Fever Tree launched in with the aim of providing "high-quality mixers" to cater for the growing demand of premium spirits — gin in particular. Now, the brand is looking to dominate North American under the leadership of former British Army captain Charles Gibb, who will run the brand's first ever global office from Brooklyn, New York City. Halo Top is the low-calorie ice cream that has disrupted the industry, creating a whole new market and dozens of new companies wanting a scoop of the action.

Essentially, it makes low-fat, low-sugar ice cream that's also so low in calories you can eat a whole tub and only consume compared to over 1, in a tub of regular ice cream. But the reason Halo Top has become so popular is it actually tastes good, too. Justin Woolverton and Doug Bouton are the two former lawyers behind the brand's success. The duo founded the brand in and Halo Top is now available in 12 countries across the globe — and continues to expand.

Needless to say, Woolverton and Bouton eat ice cream every day. Read more: Americans are going crazy for this low-calorie peanut butter cup ice cream. Kauss launched S'well in with the mission of ridding the world of plastic water bottles by coming up with something that fused fashion and function — and the reusable stainless steel water bottles truly took the world by storm. Kauss used her passions for fashion, hydration, and philanthropy to come up with the concept for the bottle, which has the ability to keep liquid cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12, and comes in a range of sleek and stylish designs.

Next, Kauss plans to push S'well into the food category in summer through the launch of S'well Eats and S'nack by S'well, products which the company claims will "transform the on-the-go dining experience" by minimizing single-use plastic.