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When to see July to August. About The gatekeeper, also known as the 'Hedge brown', is a medium-sized, brown butterfly that is on the wing in July and August. It is a butterfly of grassland, hedgerows and woodland edges and can be seen feeding on wild marjoram, bramble and ragworts. It avoids areas of short, open grassland.

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The foodplants of the caterpillars are a variety of grasses such as fescues and bents. How to identify The gatekeeper is brown above, with large orange patches in the middle of the wings.

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The best way to identify the 'brown' butterflies is by looking at the eyespots on their wings. The combination of bright orange wing patches, one large eyespot on the forewing and one smaller eyespot on the hindwing, is unique to the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper also has two small white 'pupils' in the eyespots, instead of one like the meadow brown. Distribution Found across England and Wales.

Did you know? The colour and patterns of the wings of the gatekeeper are variable and about a dozen aberrations a variation in wing pattern to the normal form have been named. The company can save money. A department can streamline workflows. An office administrator can get promoted after recommending you to a decision-maker. Do everything you can to bridge the gap between doubt and trust.

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