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Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 2. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Life has never been easy for Private Ari Strauss. As a boy he was bullied and as a young soldier the sergeants had made him into a punching bag. After being sent off to Europe, Ari was captured and placed in a German POW camp, where the food was scarce and compassion even scarcer.

Deep down, he knew that if something didn't change he was going to die. A lot of taxes. What does any of that have to do with anything. You have to listen to faux news in order to know what to think.

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Guard is very much real Army. We deployed, including myself, to same areas that the regular Army did. Our Soldiers come back and have to deal with the same issues from being in combat. Now, if he only served 11 months after a deployment, there could have been a service connected disability. Or he is just a POS liar. I vote for POS liar!

PTSD can be successfully managed with meds and therapy. I am stable and doing fine because I have availed the services of the VA. Unfucking believable!!!!

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Please universe — just let there be one person I can grab onto to. And not the way you want to grab that underwear model TT!!

Gay Couple's MINDBLOWING! Underwater Scooter adventure in hawaii 1/7/2019 by Island Watersports

I have watched BB for many seasons. Also BB has people from all walks of life, which includes ignorant people. It will be interesting to see how he interacts with Frankie. TT, I was probably typing while you posted this, but I was thinking the same thing.

They had a hamster in the past who they removed because he posed a threat to another house guest. All this reconfirms why I am glad I never could get into Big Brother. I disliked everything I saw in the few times I would try to watch. A gathering of misfits with a host I dislike. This new season sounds downright dreadful with 16 reasons not to watch. So the father has commented and it looks like someone who knows him is commenting and correcting us on this post.

This means one thing. This shit is fixing to get good here and now I have to watch a show that I swore I never would. I sincerely believe that anyone who would beat an animal to death, even a pig, is mentally unstable to say the least. Agree, Gingersnap. He is dead to me. Army folks — can you just randomly move states for a deployment?? Can someone help me out?? You can not randomly get out. My hubs was Guard. He did 5 month training in MS and did a 6 month tour in Iraq. IF this guys was at the end of his 4 years enlistment coincidentally,,It is possible that he did not re-enlist after his tour.

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My nephew did not re-enlist after his Iraq tour and the same month of his reenlistment date. Hubs was injured and it still took him 2 years to be medical retired after his tour. In my case it was a hysterectomy at age 20, due to endometrial cancer, found when I was 6 months pregnant. They thought I was having twins, but there was only one heartbeat. The day I found out I was pregnant, I came home from work early to tell my husband, only to catch him in bed with his best friend George…. I was transferred to San Antonio to ft Sam Houston.

I was allowed to give birth and 6 weeks later I had a hysterectomy, chemo and radiation all while taking care of a new born and still working in the Army.

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  4. They helped take care of my son, took me clothes shopping and out on the town to get my spirits up. I have written about it previously, but can email you the link to my personal blog where I have written about it in detail…. Holy Crap. Reading this is just one OMG moment after another. Thanks Tamara, it was 33 years ago, and I have put a lot of road between then and now. BTW that was my second bout of cancer, the first time I was 8 and had a menegioma the size of a grapefruit, it surrounded my facial nerve, optic nerve, around my right ear and base of the brain.

    Obviously the surgeon did such a good job that 9 years later I was able to join the army probably due to having nothing to do but watch Vietnam on the news every day… at 45 I can skin cancer…. I am going to be 53 next month, and I believe all my experiences have made me a gentler and more compassionate person.

    Which I lived until I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, arthritis and compressed docs I am 3 inches shorter than I was 10years ago.

    BB16 Already Has A Controversial Contestant in Caleb Reynolds

    So now I have nothing better to do than stalk Tamara, roflmao. Jacque, wow, you have been through so much. How is everything going today? Are you cancer free? The gastroenterologist said they got it all, but now I have to get one every 2 years…no big deal…. I know that every time something new shows up you cry. I have a pet scan tomorrow because they see something where my sacrum and sciatica nerve meet.

    I went through my chemo and radiation last year at this time. Finding this scares me so I know how you feel when they find anything. Your attitude is an inspiration. Valerie, my thoughts and prayers will be with you on Monday. I pray that is nothing more than a benign lump, that is just being a pain in the ass humor intended here.

    Jacque, I might just take you up on a shoulder to cry on and I will read up on the new studies. Today in fact. Ok TT, when Valerie emails you, you have my permission to give her my email starts with greensthings and ends with outlook. Valerie, I have been thinking about you all week. How did the MRI turn out? I have been waiting for you to post and let us know what is going on.

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    My prayers are with you. Whining is like my best thing. Just ask Banjo.