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Yoga Moves to Relieve Tension in the Neck & Shoulders

This is energy-efficient, oxygenating breath where the shoulders do not need to become involved. Text Neck This is the term used to describe neck pain and damage from the head-down posture used to look at a smartphone or other device, too often and for too long. Gurning — aka facial distortion — gives tense muscles a well-needed inner massage, makes us feel carefree and may even create the whole body including diaphragm release of laughter.

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Stretching the top lip over the top teeth releases an area where tension at the base of the skull is commonly expressed. Face, neck and shoulder self-massage Gently massaging the muscles and joints of the face can create a softening effect down into the neck and shoulders, especially if you move naturally into them afterwards.

Inhale the shoulders forward and up figure 6 , then exhale back and down figure 7 to create full circles with the breath, making lots of space through the shoulders. With spine lifted throughout, bring your chin to one shoulder figure 8 , inhale here and then exhale a semi-circle with the chin down past the breastbone and up to the other shoulder figure 9. Inhale here and the repeat from side-to-side, allowing a full release through the exhalation that opens the back of the neck and skull.

As in figure 10, interlink your fingers together behind your back and draw your arms down and away from the body to squeeze the area between the shoulder blades and open the chest. This can feel strong as nerves fire off in the upper back, but this is safe opening, so breathe softness into the shoulders to meet it with ease.

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Lift each arm at a time figure 11 to take hold of the opposite elbow and draw it towards the midline, whilst lifting it towards the ceiling. This both lengthens the spine up through the arm lines and opens the chest.

7 tips to tackle stress-related neck pain

Keep the chin lightly tucked in to open up space between the base of the skull and the upper back. Arching the back and opening the chest as the lungs fill to inhale, and rounding it as they empty on exhale, can be done in any plane and from many positions, here shown: Seated, either on a chair or on the ground figures 12 and 13 we lift up the spine from the ground, which has a strengthening effect through postural muscles. On the exhale, fully rounding the back means drawing the belly right in, drawing the tailbone under and drawing the chin right into the chest; opening the whole back body.

The inhale opens the front body as the lungs fill and the back arches. Be mindful here not to just lift the chin hinging up the head but rather keep the back and sides of the neck long to avoid compression at the base of the skull. The best known spine undulation cat-cow pose figures 14 and 15 suspends this movement between the shoulder and hip joints, allowing free movement up the whole spine. Again avoid jutting the chin up, rather open across the collarbones. It is also very freeing to simply move from all-fours in any way that simply feels good in the shoulders.

4 Types Of Self Massage For Neck Pain

Simply let the breathe flow in an easy and spacious way: Figure draw the top arm in a quarter-circle fingers along the ground to reach the arm up by the top ear or wherever your comfortable range of motion goes. Spend some time just moving between these two positions to feel out how the head turns comfortably as the shoulder rotates. Figure if there is more room without force, you can start to open up the continual movement to reach further round, maybe even to arms opening out from the chest, as long as your gaze can track the position of the arm so it feels like your neck moves freely.

Swedish massage is the name of the type of massage that was developed in Sweden in the mid 19th century by Per Henrik Ling. It has become the most commonly offered and best-known type of massage available in the UK. The idea behind Swedish Massage is to create greater blood flow to the muscles and soft tissues by using a combination of long strokes, kneading motions, friction, stretching and tapping. It is usually offered as a full body treatment.

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There can be quite a bit of confusion as to what to expect when you ask for a Swedish Massage. It is more commonly considered as a gentle, more flowing type of treatment that feels relaxing. However, there are some clients who request Swedish massage expecting a deep pressure treatment.

Many of these people may have had a previous massage therapist who delivered a deep tissue massage but called it Swedish massage. In order to have your expectations best met it is important to discuss your desired treatment outcome and pressure at the time of booking an appointment.

This way your expectations can be met by matching you up with a massage therapist who can deliver the treatment the way you want it. Swedish massage helps by using long gliding strokes to relax the entire body.

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Your massage therapist will apply pressure to your skin and soft tissues in the direction of your heart — flushing the blood towards your heart. This increased blood flow can feel like a relaxing tingling sensation.

One of the benefits of increased circulation is that many naturally occurring toxins can be removed from the muscles, tendons and soft tissues. Toxins can make you feel heavy, irritated or acidic so having them flushed away can feel quite relieving in itself.

What I love most is helping people create luxurious and effective self-care products right in their own kitchens. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

Recipes , Self Care. February 24, Posted By Drew Botaneri. At a glance: Type: Massage oil Level: Intermediate: Requires ingredients available at health food stores or online Benefits: Smooth skin, stress and pain relief All natural? Helps increase blood flow to local area. Adds a slight base note. Keyword Pain relief.