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He said ohh yeah. However, I was so confident with my English language. Thanks so much for sharing your recent experience. But you know what I really love about what you shared and your experience? You successfully navigated the situation. You tried some new language, the barista asked you a clarifying question you mean with 2 cups sugar and you successfully responding to clarify what you wanted.

That is exactly how it should work and you did it! Hello , how have you been? I have been living in Canada for one-year. However I started to learn English 6 months ago. These tips you told me are really useful, because it is just how I have been living here. I would like to tell you that as well people ask -what size of coffee do you want?

Tips on How to Order Coffee in English Easily

Hi Edna, Thanks for sharing a comment and your usual coffee drink. Thanks so much for sharing your story and what coffee culture is like in Spain. I hope next time you visit the United States you can enjoy going to a coffee shop and trying something new. Hey, Annemarie! I was lucky because I was told exactly what to order:. Otherwise, I would have this huge question mark all over my face because of the abundant number of options.

My favourite is a simple cappuccino to start my day. Hi Aiga, Ha! Did you like it? In fact, my favorite bread in the world is Latvian black bread. Thanks for sharing and including a little bit of history with instant coffee. In the mornings I prefer a cup of stong coffee with a little bit cold milk. But when I go somewhere with my family or friends and we decide to stop for a coffee, I bring Cappuccino with me and I add some cinnamon. But now I drink this drink without.

What about Lithuania? Thank you so much for sharing about ordering coffee in Lithuania! Hi Annemarie, Thank you for this lessons. It was very useful as always and called up some good memories.

How to Order Coffee in English Like It’s No Big Deal

I started drinking coffee in the USA in , on my first visit and road trip in California. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and story about coffee in the U. Thanks again for sharing. Thank you so much, Annemarie! YES, it is not easy! I also had a trouble ordering a hamburger at Burger King. I just wanted a sandwich! Hi Annemarie, This lesson is awesome! It makes me laugh, because I remember when I get my first coffee at work in the US.

There was a board full of options and my friend said I always order small coffee. So, since than I always get a small coffee. Now, I fell encouraged to try a different option.

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I LOVE your story. Thanks so much for sharing it. And I totally get it. I definitely have similar experiences from living abroad. As you said your day starts with coffee , my day can not start without tea 2. There is no much difference in my country coffee shop and in England. Hi Cynthia, Thanks so much for sharing. And do you have a favorite tea to start with in the morning?

Hi, Hope you are doing well. Your lessons are always a delight to watch.

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  7. Short and to the point with pertinent information suited to any situation. Coming to the challenge questions, my favourite drink is Chai English Breakfast tea , with a lil honey in the morning. I,d like it in a big mug right after my breakfast. For the second question, the difference I have felt in our way Pakistani style of ordering is that we are not so specific and succint with our orders for coffees or meals.

    We give details on being prompted by the barista. Hi Beenish, Thank you for the kind comments. While I prefer coffee, I definitely do like a good cup of chai! I can agree with you there. I lived in Peshawar, Pakistan for awhile and remember so many wonderful teas. My favourite type of coffee is the machiatto. My first experience in a coffee shop in United States was funny: it was a self service and I saw a machine with the title: chocolate.

    I tought that inside it there was hot chocolate and I took a huge mug.

    Food and ambience

    What was my surprise when I drunk a little bit and I realized that it was coffee with chocolate flavour!!! I think I would make that same mistake!

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      I just got sick of the Wait-And-See Everything's OK although I'll never heal I embrace bumblebees' absurdism They should have made us more humble a long time ago But none of us really want to know I embrace bumblebees' humbleness I'll have death and a cappuccino, please I can't think of anything that bitterness can't ease I'll have my head on a spike and I'm ready to pay for it I'll wear my usual cancer face and your favorite smile outfit November