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In conducting these interviews, I can confirm this is true.

Now, before I go back to my grudges, tell me: How do you handle jealousy in your life or relationship? The Repeller Store Is Open! X Icon.

How to Deal with Jealousy

Follow us. Vices Month. Recognizing and accepting that this is normal and moving on is so much healthier than beating yourself up over it or pretending it never happens. If you can admit that jealousy is natural, it's equally important that your S. The last thing you need is someone lashing out at you the moment you ask them to quickly text you if they stay out late.

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Some of the bad ways to deal with a jealous partner are telling them "It's your problem! And you should expect nothing less in return. If you're feeling overwhelming jealousy toward your partner's attractive desk mate or ex-girlfriend and you know you percent have nothing to worry about , there are exercises you can do to deal with it. And if you want to go a step further, you can do what Dr. Leahy refers to as the "boredom technique" — repeating a thought such as "my partner could cheat on me" over and over again for 10 minutes until you're literally bored with it.

2. Talk to Yourself

Again, this really only works if you're confident that your partner's loyal and there's no real basis to your feelings. If you have highly romanticized ideals for your S. The very actions you think will reassure you like interrogating your partner, checking their phone, stalking their ex on social media will make you more anxious if you never actually find anything.

And while he acknowledges that, yes, sometimes your partner is a liar and you'd never learn about the cheating any other way than glancing at their Facebook messages, you still have to make sure surveillance doesn't become an actual habit that slowly takes over your life. You can feel the feeling, but do not have to act on it. That world contains people of gender that they sexually prefer but that does not mean that they will cheat on you with them. There is a reason why they are in an intimate relationship with you. If they wanted to date other people, they would have done so.

So, the next time you feel jealous, accept the feelings, yet change the way you think about the situation and be reasonable and wise. To love is to be vulnerable. George R.

How To Deal With Jealousy As A Man

Yes, it is not easy, but you need to be willing to accept what is beyond your control and trust yourself to deal with the unknown. Remember, you are in the relationship, because you decide to love. It is a choice you make to love your partner and at the same time accept the risks without any qualms or jealousy. If you feel that your partner is doing something that is making you jealous, you can express how you feel and talk to them in a mature way.

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You can also communicate it with humor, diplomacy or directly as long as it is respectful. If you are humorous, you can joke about how insanely jealous you are when your partner pays attention to someone else. Laugh with them as you say this, because it will take the pressure off the topic and will get the message across. When you are diplomatic, you can let them know that you love them a lot and know that they will never cheat on you.

Jealousy in Marriage: Why it Happens and What to Do

And if you are direct, just tell them that you trust them, yet cannot control your feelings and want them to consider how you feel. One of the main reasons why people get jealous is that they have low self-esteem and insecurity issues. They tend to think that they are not good enough, their partner will realize this, and will leave them for someone else.

You need to know that there is a reason why your partner liked you in the first place and got together with you. If you need some reaffirmation or appreciation, don't hesitate to ask for that too within reason of-course.

The next time you feel jealous, remember that your partner is with you because they want to be with you because of your positive qualities. People tend to act jealous because of previous relationships too. You might have been hurt before and they might have cheated on you.