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But a margin note in the novel leads Tabitha to a website called "Life By Committee," where an anonymous group of teens exchange secrets for dares.

Tabitha decides to participate in this game, completing dares based on her secrets that force her to do exhilarating, life changing tasks. Not all of the dares are easy, though, and Tabitha starts to question what's really best for her -- is living life on the edge all it's cracked up to be?

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Honestly, Tabitha kind of annoyed me. I also found it a tad unbelievable that teenagers would blindly join a website like Life By Committee and actually follow through with any of it. The site seems like the kind of place where kids would join and play around without doing much.

The kids on the site took it all way too seriously. The end was about as cheesy as a cheesetastic cheesefest can be.

Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu | Review

Like, extra cheese. But overall I think Tabitha became more realistic as the story progressed. She also made more sense. And, strangely, the book concludes with both a cheese-covered bow AND a lot of loose ends. The story was a smidge predictable and Tabitha was a smidge annoying.

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Who are they? What do their secrets say about them? How and where are they able to complete these assignments and what does success for them look like beyond the assignments? Are they finding love? Creative fulfillment? I will say I saw it coming from pretty far away, and I felt that it was almost too neat a bow on top of the story. For me, the idea of Life By Committee more broadly felt a little too convenient and a little too styled in terms of crafting a bigger narrative arc than I prefer.

Review: Life by Committee by Corey Ann Haydu

Haydu does well in tackling the complicated body image elements with Tab. As a girl who developed large breasts when I was young, this is something I found myself being told quite a bit, and it was something that always made me feel a sense of shame because so little could deemphasize the fact my body now had a new shape.

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