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Meanwhile Lee, an expert horsewoman, makes her escape and pairs up with Flood on his quest to settle the twenty-year feud. The marshall knows there will be no turning back, but he wonders-is this duel just part of his job, or has he allowed it to become a vendetta against the man who killed his father?

What he discovers about himself, his faith, and his growing feelings for Lee will delight fans of romance and adventure alike. The Long Road to LaRosa is the second in a masterfully written western romance series and continues the fine standard set in the first release, Stallions at Burnt Rock, for memorable characters, a well-woven story, and vivid, true-to-life detail about life in the Wild West. Book 3. A new preacher arrives at the West Texas town of Burnt Rock to lead the eager flock of a burgeoning frontier church. Handsome and sophisticated, Reverend Warner soon wins the love and respect of the entire congregation, but seems particularly drawn to lady horse rancher Lee Morgan.

Town marshall Ben Flood is annoyed by the preacher's attentions to Lee. But more than that, he can't shake the feeling that something is amiss with the minister himself. Flood's suspicions drive a wedge of misunderstanding between him and Lee, who is already feeling frustrated that her relationship with the lawman isn't leading to something more romantic. The marshall worries that he might lose Lee to the new minister-until a web of intrigue is uncovered that could change everything. The Stranger from Medina is the third book in a masterfully written western romance series marked by memorable characters and vivid, historically accurate detail.

The author, an experienced horseman, portrays strong Christian values amidst thrilling action in the Old West. Book 4. In s Texas, the small town of Burnt Rock is on the brink of getting pulled into the tumultuous range wars. A thousand longhorn cattle are milling nearby as impatient and trigger-happy cowboys await the rebuilding of the bridge over the Dos Gatos River-the best route to the railroads. Rugged lawman Ben Flood is struggling to keep the peace. His sweetheart, lady rancher Lee Morgan finds her best mares slaughtered, yet the trouble has only begun.

Lee and Ben must summon every ounce of courage and strength when a rare form of lightning sends a massive herd of longhorns stampeding toward the town. The soul-stirring suspense, subtle romance, and riveting action in Thunder on the Dos Gatos will captivate fans of western, romance, and historical fiction alike.

More in western. Life in the shadows. It happens to all of us. We stand so close to a dominant personality that our reflection can hardly be noticed. Someone more famous. More skilled.

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More powerful. Sometimes they are people we hardly know. Sometimes they are members of our own family. Brazos Fortune has left a towering legacy. His son Todd now struggles to prove himself and find his own identity in the Shadow of Legends. Todd Fortune must follow his father as he takes over the family business with his wife, a fast-paced city girl whos not willing to settle into a small town lifestyle. A tale of daily hardships and hard-earned victories, Todd struggles to prove himself a committed husband and a courageous frontiersman in the wake of his fathers legacy.

Cross-country chases, deadly showdowns, and budding romances weave the story of this second powerful novel in the Fortunes of the Black Hills series. Amazing Grace: Hymns of the West, 3. Reader's Favorite Finalist A searching man, a desperate widow; can they find love? Honor, Fate, and Faith.

Dennis Ricotta. Leaving a loving wife and children to go to war is a difficult decision. Fighting for the better good, however, will drive that decision. Bruce Dunavin.

The emotional and deeply spiritual conclusion to Book 1. This is an epic Christian love story to rival that of Romeo and Juliet. A mountain man Shane McQuaid found the love of his life Becky in a Ute village and with the grace and blessing of God, marries her. This second book begins where book 1 left off as they leave the Indian village that has been Beckys home for many years.

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The newlyweds set out on a dangerous journey to a cabin on the slopes of Buffalo Peaks. Shane hasnt seen his folks for over two years and they think he is dead. He wants to stop by the ranch and see them on the way to Buffalo Peaks. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Long Road to LaRosa (West Texas Sunrise Book #2)

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