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In that time, I must have gone on 40 micro dates. Before that was possible, I had to learn Cosmo by heart.

I spent a month preparing. I studied every article in my Cosmo magazine, taking notes and memorizing lines. I was definitely ashamed of the price listed on the front my Cosmo was from KaDaWe, after all! But when I started reading the Cosmo, I could hardly put it down.

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This feeling of half-shame, half-rapture also manifested in my performances. During my performances as a Cosmogirl, I was flirty, pushy, overbearing, silly, absurd, giggly, vapid, confident, anxious, unfocussed, judgemental, curious, self absorbed, lustful, desiring and ambitious. The people I dated were at times confused, overwhelmed, offended, argumentative, nervous, flirty, sexy, cheeky, open, thoughtful, caring, giggly, bashful, and downright bored.

On occasion, I felt a predatory, heady sense of power — this was when I was being particularly charming.

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This was the feeling I had expected from being a Cosmogirl. Other times, I felt anxious and stupid.

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Mostly, I felt a sense of playful camaraderie — not something I expected at all. I had expected more people to make fun of me, and be angered by me. I was so out of context in the feminist art exhibition. But mostly, people just loved to laugh and play with me.

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Was all this laughing making fun of Cosmo? The desires outlined by Cosmo, and the straightforward rules given to achieve those desires, speak to me. It is also their second and last album with American vocalist Mike Vescera , before his leaving to join Yngwie Malmsteen 's band for the album The Seventh Sign However, Mike Vescera translated and adapted the lyrics of the old songs written by former vocalist Minoru Niihara , to be sung in English.

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All music by Akira Takasaki. Other lyrics by Minoru Niihara. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rovi Corporation. Retrieved Congratulations to the first man start a game at QB and throw a touchdown pass for the Panthers on becoming the new head coach of the Colts.

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