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Hot sex. View 1 comment. These are all my feelings at reading the last page of Cruel Sanctuary. I don't know how Tara does it, a perfect balance of intense grit, corruption, betrayal and violence all merged with a beautiful broken man, and a strong and determined angel willing to clip her wings to be with her devil.

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He's intelligent, lethal, tough, controlling but for one person he's vulnerable, giving, loving and devoted. Her father is a district attorney, she's a political strategist. Chad is his chief of staff. Let's just say they've gotten themselves in a whole mess of trouble that they expect Aislinn to get them out of but this time their greed and smugness has gotten the attention of the Mexican cartel. When you want a mess cleaned up, when you want someone who isn't guided by a moral compass you call Damon.

Aislinn doesn't know it yet but her life is in danger in more ways than one. If the cartel can't get to her father, then the daughter will pay for his sins but not if Damon has anything to do about it. The pure possession of my need. She may as well be living inside my skin because I feel her touch everywhere. Together they are perfection! I can't even deal with how sexy they are, they are HOT, explosive Like fate is the one really in charge? That maybe our wounds make us the perfect people to heal each other? And then I realize—Who am I kidding?

Everything about the blurb told me I would love.

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But instead, this story was just not my cuppa. View all 6 comments. Mar 10, Mandie rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star. What the hell did I just read!! Hands down one of my top reads this year!! Mar 23, Kelly Green rated it it was amazing Shelves: Tara Leigh brought the fire in more ways than one Damon and Aislinn are so sizzling I thought my kindle just might melt! The back story with these 2 is so intriguing that I was completely tapped with the very first chapter! Tara Leigh wrote this book in a "When it comes to Aislinn Granville, want is my default mode.

Tara Leigh wrote this book in a way that totally makes you say "just one more chapter" I will be having all the grabby hands ready for when that one lands on my kindle! Everyone needs to one-click this baby as soon as they can! Mar 05, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: , stars , review-books. No one I know has met him and yet everyone I know is scared of him. A general. A dictator—and not the benevolent kind. Nevertheless, I wear it well. Aislinn Granville is more than just a tribute from on 4.

Aislinn Granville is more than just a tribute from one of my subjects.

She is a trophy. A prize. A woman worthy of becoming the Crown Jewel of an empire. My empire.

Cruel Sanctuary

Until tonight. A single forgotten instruction can lead to the failure of the most carefully crafted plan. But well-executed moments elevate an event into an experience. A memory that stands out from the rest. And let me tell you, I was definitely impressed.

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Cruel Sanctuary had just the right amount of dark without being too dark. It was sexy. It was downright sinful. And the added suspense element will keep you glued to the pages. Aislinn is smart and fiesty and is about to give Damon a total run for his money. Damon King is feared by all that know him; even his name insights fear.

When Damon sets out to protect Aislinn, all bets are off. Damon King is a force to be reckoned with. His darkness is alluring and Aislinn brings a light to him that he never thought was possible. Will Damon be able to complete his task and eliminate the danger facing Aislinn?? I was instantly intrigued by the characters and glued to their story. The suspense and danger will leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering how this story is going to play out. I had a lot of fun getting lost in Cruel Sanctuary.

It had just the right amount of darkness I was looking for and an ending that will leave you begging to get the next book in your hands…. Mar 24, Tanaka K rated it it was amazing Shelves: arcs , hottest-sex-scene , swoon-worthy , totally-love-that-heroine , anti-hero , enemies-to-lovers , interesting-plots , mystery-suspense , simply-droolworthy , alpha.

Because my mind is filled with only two words. His name. Ever had a feeling that you wanted to suck every single word to the last letter? Ever had a feeling of utter destruction?

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Because of a book. Ever felt so complete because of a book? Cruel Sanctuary "Right here, right now, Damon King is my lord and liege. Cruel Sanctuary by Tara Leigh truly the above feelings. A feeling of great joy. A feeling of reading an incredible book. A feeling of such intense reading pleasure.

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Cruel Sanctuary gave me life, Cruel Sanctuary gave me a slice of heaven. Cruel Sanctuary is an equally brilliant story with magnificent characters take a piece of your heart. I only read a few books by Tara Leigh but she is definitely becoming one of my favourites. Cruel Sanctuary is a bonafide winner worthy to capture your heart. With poetic and stellar writing, Cruel Sanctuary is the fist spellbinding book in the Wages of Sin duet that full captures the deadly, sensual and suspenseful world set in the underworld of New York.

A masterful story with exhilarating scenes that suck you in deeply. A striking story with interesting characters that become a part f you. Hauntingly Intense. Lusciously Sexy. Heart Racing. Cruel Sanctuary is a fantastic dark romance between a spitfire heroine and a dangerous antihero to give you a fascinating and deliciously sinful ride. Buckle up, put your helmet and let Cruel Sanctuary take you on a mind blowing adventure. Absolutely incredible. Cruel Sanctuary is a sanctuary you need with a storyline of dominance, submission, crime and heartstopping and drool worthy sexiness.

I am totally shook. I am totally awestruck. I am totally dumbstruck.

By the story. By the characters. You are introduced to Damon King, the sexiest, baddest and controlling crime boss with a dominant streak and Aislinn Granville, a sassy, confident and feisty heroine. Their chemistry is off the charts and they absolutely set the pages on fire. Their passion is freaking captivating. Pulse Hitting. I soaked on every single bit of their chemistry. Totally addicting.