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Faced with the choice of picking a fight with the most loyal and ideological Republican voters, or picking a more doctrinaire candidate, McCain decided to appease the base.

The real reason why Sarah Palin is getting divorced

Historically, vice-presidential nominees have been selected for a variety of reasons, a combination of campaign politics and compatible skill sets. A month later, the economy would go from problematic to cataclysmic. We recently spoke with top McCain and Obama aides for our podcast marking 10 years since the Palin interviews. Ten years ago, it was also assumed—not just by journalists but by the people running presidential campaigns—that a candidate for national office would be tested by tough interviews with serious journalists.

In putting together the questions, our goals were simple: be fair, follow up, and get Palin to explain her positions and philosophy to the American people.

Todd Palin files for divorce from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin - Anchorage Daily News

After the governor stumbled, with widely mocked answers about Russia and the economy, it did not occur to the McCain team to cancel the second scheduled interview. Read Adam Serwer on the cruelty that binds Trump and his supporters. As the campaign went on, Palin bridled at the tone McCain set. Again, Palin not only refused to lower the temperature, she seemed to bask in that kind of heat.

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They would and did. And in a big, diverse democracy, where power is transferred peacefully, where compromise and consensus are required to get things done, those boundaries matter. Read Peter Beinart on the limits of civility in politics. She resisted when McCain aides tried to get her to focus on preparing for our interviews. These elites, and the arguments they make, are dismissed out of hand.

One last lesson from covering Palin: Women who run for national office are treated worse than men. Read Next.

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    Lawyers for the Palins did not immediately return messages.