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The setting is both vast and intimate, offering a unique experience of nature unspoiled and tranquil. Pecos Benedictine Abbey P. From its very inception, the monastery has served as a center for retreats and church renewal. The first Cursillo in the US was held here. From the beginning, the community has been active in Marriage Encounter and Family Retreats. We offer courses and retreats on engaged spirituality and on contemplative care of the dying.

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We also offer Zen training, meditation retreats and international retreats. Groups and individuals may use our facility for retreats. Wake up to the song of the conch shell or the sound of a bell that has called people to prayer for nearly years. Each day still begins with morning prayer and meditation, and is followed by the opportunity to share the depth of a teacher's wisdom and techniques for enriching life and expanding human awareness. Take time for a refreshing swim in our idyllic mountain pond or to relax amidst the serenity and color of our herb and flower gardens.

Then enjoy evenings of music, poetry, or Dances of Universal Peace before retiring to your retreat hut, room or tent. The Abode of the Message is a spiritual community and the primary residential community of the Sufi Order International, guided by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, and is based on the principle of honoring the truth and wisdom of all religious traditions. To this end, individuals of all faiths, origins and cultural backgrounds are welcome.

All our programs offer a way to deepen our understanding of the Self and the spiritual unity behind all beings, philosophies, traditions, arts and sciences. We invite you to take part in our daily meditation programs and ongoing classes in Hatha Yoga, Sanskrit language and classical Indian dance, as well as weekend workshops, special courses and retreats, traditional celebrations and cultural performances. With a substantial library of religious books, art, and music, Chapel House offers an environment conducive to the meditative and devotional disciplines recommended by great religious teachers.

Each room overlooks the surrounding woods. Guests stay a minimum of two nights and observe silence except during the three daily vegetarian meals. They are welcome to take advantage of the natural beauty of the area with solitary walks along the extensive hiking trails nearby.

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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra was built through the blessings and inspiration of His Holiness in response to the sincere supplication of students in the West who yearned for an authentic place for study and practice. Here, the teachings and practices of the 'whispered lineage' are preserved in their purity and made available to Western students who wish to learn about and practice Tibetan Buddhism.

The Center's mission is to provide a place where individuals and groups can find solace from their everyday pursuilts and space for reflection. While Light on the Hill is considered a place of spiritual refuge, it is not affiliated with any single religious organization.

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It is a place where people of all persuasions can come to be in nature, reduce stress, cope with life transitions, search for answers, engage in core-level healing or develop spiritual awareness. Surrounded by a national forest preserve, the retreat center offers complete privacy in a tranquil setting. Its modern and comfortable facilities on acres are an ideal setting for retreats, conferences and workshops.

For over a century this secluded valley at the foot of Pantherkill Mountain has been a source of renewal and inspiration". We have also had another mission: to create a peaceful oasis in a hurried world. To this end, we have made our campus a healing center, a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and feel at home in the midst of nature's bounty and a community of warm, caring people.

The beauty of our gardens, lake, and rolling hills, the friendly staff, the wonderful food, and the facilities at our Wellness Center all support what people come to Omega to learn. Wainwright House Stuyvesant Ave. Wainwright House is not affiliated with any church, religion, or any particular spiritual or philosophical path. It is a sanctuary where all these ideas and cultural traditions can be remembered, re-experienced and re-discovered. We also offer personal retreats — relax and reconnect in our Meditation Room,labyrinth, sculpture gardens or by the lawn overlooking the water.

Stay from one night to a weekor more. Zen Mountain Monastery P. Each month an introductory weekend of Zen training is offered, as well as a week-long silent intensive meditation retreat sesshin. Throughout the year, the regular daily schedule is supplemented with retreats in the Zen arts, martial arts, Buddhist studies, and other areas thought to be relevant and supportive to practitioners.

Students can train in either full-time or part-time residency or as nonresidents whose practice at home is fueled by periodic visits to the Monastery. Bend of Ivy Lodge is a serene and peaceful outdoor space with hiking trails, and enough space for outdoor events or weddings. Our goal is to provide a comfortable gathering place, removed from the everyday distractions of life, and to create an atmosphere of quiet reflection where one can nurture a sense of peace and uncover the truths within the heart.

Women's Health & Medical Retreat

Our retreats are led by qualified teachers from many paths, all of whom use silent sitting meditation as a central practice for looking within. We offer a supportive retreat environment and keep costs to participants affordable. Mount St. We offer weekend retreats, single day programs, evening series programs, massage therapy, and provide individual spiritual direction. Our goal is to help others grow in their relationships with God and to help them experience God's presence in their daily lives.

Stemming from a belief that all life is sacred, our purpose is to unite faith with life experience in a holistic approach. Breitenbush Hot Springs P. The deep hot springs provide steaming mineral water for hot tubs, suana and natural pools, as well as heating the lodge with dining and conference facilities for over a hundred , the kitchen which prepares three delicious vegetarian buffets daily , the Healing Arts Center which offers a variety of bodywork , and forty cozy cabins.

The lush setting of the forest provides a nurturing setting in which to receive new information, practice developing skills, and explore the inner dimensions of experience.

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Founded in , Still Meadow is a spiritual community. Located in rural Clackamas, Oregon, only a half hour from both downtown Portland and the Portland International Airport, the Still Meadow meeting facility offers a secluded and safe setting for retreats and workshops. Our programs offer the resources and time for integrated spiritual, intellectual and personal learning. Pendle Hill was founded in by members of the Religious Society of Friends Quakers and is open to people of all faiths.

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We invite you to come and deepen the spiritual basis of your life and work--to discover new sources of inward guidance, peace and power. Our unique curriculum of work, worship and study provides the means for personal exploration. This in turn will help you discern and prepare for the service to which you feel you may be called.

Himalayan Institute is situated in a serene, wooded setting on a acre campus near Honesdale in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. The Institute's quiet surroundings and natural environment provide a wonderfully peaceful and healthy setting. The Institute's atmosphere fosters growth, increased inner awareness, and calm, with its vegetable and flower gardens, orchard, vegetarian kitchen, printing press, magazine office, bookstore, gift shop, or children's school. Everything looks different from up here.

From our land on the ridge called Kittatinny, or 'Endless Hills', the view is extraordinary: trees and lakes stretch out below, steep gradients become gentle undulations reaching far into the distance. Give yourself some time to see beyond life's crowded moments; for a fresh sense of scale, for quiet contemplation, come to our mountain. Let our woods speak to the nature within you, help you find a renewed connection with our Earth Mother, enjoy our flair with healthy foods: delicious meals of grains, vegetables, fish, and fowl.

Villa Maria Retreat Center P. VMRC provides a wide variety of retreats, workshops, educational programs, ongoing spiritual direction, and hosting services for diverse groups of adults who come to our home. Celebrated presenters offer conference and guided retreats in a group setting, and spiritual directors provide opportunities for one-on-one retreats. We encourage retreatants to feel at home and use our facilities which include; Magnificat Chapel where daily Eucharist is available, Begel Hall Chapel, our library, the Art House with its potter's wheel, clay, paints, and other artistic media, and the outdoor Labyrinth.

During multi-day Yong Maeng Jong Jin retreats the schedule each day consists of ten hours of Zen practice, work and rest periods, formal vegetarian meals and private interviews with the retreat leader. These retreats are an excellent opportunity to clear the mind of habitual thinking and generate energy to practice in everyday life. Participants should register at least 48 hours in advance, and bring loose clothing and toilet articles. Beginners are very welcome.

Please contact the Zen Center for more information. The Springbank staff are in harmony with an integrated approach to life, centered in the Word, conscious of spiritual, mental and physical health, and the extraordinary power of creative energy. We hold a deep respect for all life and accept the responsibility to care for Earth and to foster freedom and well-being in ourselves as well as in others. We invite you to come spend some uninterrupted time on 80 acres of wooded trails and natural beauty Borderlands Ranch S.

Rochford Rd.