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New Year and I decided to continue with my harlequin books. I think they deserve to be exposed, now look if those abs could ever be hidden. Current Status: Out of commission…for now Mission: Return to battle. Obstacle: Winnie Templeman.

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Feisty Winnie, however, has her own plan of attack. Her nonregulation method of sexual healing is guaranteed to get him back on his feet. Hints and guidance for writing your novel provided by the Paperback Diva. For any genre, any level of experience.

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Bravery, stupidity, pain - none of them come free. Search for:. Title: Callahan Cowboy Triplets. Author: Tina Leonard. Series: Callahan Cowboys. Format: ebook from NetGalley. ISBN: Genre: Romance Release date: September 1st Number of pages: One more Callahan book to the series and this one was a bit strange for me.

Several reasons actually. But the first thing that never leaves my mind is the fact Wolf kidnapped River and she was pregnant with three babies. Come on, do you have any idea what it takes to a woman body a multiple pregnancy and nobody in the family seemed to care about that. Also very strange was the fact Tighe had to marry her just because she got pregnant.

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He was never into the marriage and kids thing, but now is a must for yesterday. And I liked him more before this kidnapping thing. And if I were River, marriage would need to wait until that man groveled enough. After ten years. I hope I can explain that after all this time. I still want her to be my forever girl.

Author: Susan Mallery. Format: ebook from Netgalley. Genre: Romance Release date: September 25th I liked the way her relationship with Dante was more friendship and them evolved into sex, because she was in a different town and needed a friend. I liked him and the way he changed his life.

Title: Their Virgin Hostage. Author: Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. Series: Masters of Menage. Format: ebook. ISBN: X. Genre: Erotica Release date: June 26th This was a bit different from the other books for me I think.

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A bit strange since she only knew one of them. The sex scenes were great and I liked more of Dominic. Her family treated her way to bad and they so need to pay. Because come on we can all see she has been used and she does nothing about it. I would buy this one for the sexual scenes alone, the story lacked more drama. It was a little to easy for them to kidnaped her and the end was not satisfactory for me. Title: All Summer Long.

Genre: Romance Release date: July 31st The Novel Tease We aim to tease. The BookChick.

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