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Each moment it remains unquenched, I suffer. If these footprints might belong to my enemy, I must follow. Our contact in the mage's guild said the wizard had apprentices-if these footprints aren't his own, they might have been left by a student who could lead us to him. I see nowhere else the wizard might be headed. Let's get there first and learn something about the city that we can use against him when he arrives. Another player wants to set up an ambush in preparation for an upcoming combat encounter. Which argument is most persuasive?

With a surprise round, a good initiative check, and an action point, your rogue gets combat advantage with three attacks before the enemies get to move. Surrounding the enemies prevents them from escaping and spreading word ofyour presence, which could prevent problems for you later. The friend who proposed the ambush hasn't gotten the party to follow her suggestions lately.

A social skill challenge with the prince of the Efreet broke down, and now the party has to fight their way out of the City of Brass.

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What explains the breakdown? Nobody in the party is trained in Insight, even though you told the paladin to swap her Heal training for InSight last time you all leveled up. Who caresllt's time to stop talking and start kicking efreet butt!

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During the skill challenge, you learned that the prince opposes the faction that can aid your quest. Publicly making an enemy of him will help you befriend his rivals. The party had all the information it needed from the prince, so you used his crown of flame to light your pipe. During a session, the Dungeon Master notices you're writing something.

You show her: A. A map of the dungeon, with notes indicating the possible location of areas you've heard the inhabitants talk about. A list of suspects responsible for the mysterious crime wave hitting the characters' home city. A note to the DM describing how you want to plant a forged love letter from the goblin empress in one ofyour comrade's backpacks. Funny things people said during the session, to be added to the campaign's quotation list. Which of these behaviors from other players bugs you the most?

Moving to a square that prevents your character from charging into a flanking position.

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Putting you on the spot to make an important decision for the group. Forgetting the name of the duke's chamberlain during a tense negotiation.

It realJy makes your day when you: A. Discover a hidden sublevel in a dungeon that other characters passed by without noticing. Hear the other players talking about a crazy situation you got them into months ago. Use what you've learned about the enemy to manipulate them into fighting each other instead ofyou. Roll back-to-back critical hits and drop an enemy before it takes a swing at you.

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The most important feature of a dungeon is: A. A complex, nonlinear layout, with branching paths, hidden areas, and alternate routes.

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Puzzles, clever traps, and opportunities to gain a strategic advantage through good planning. Rooms full of chests to search and doors to open-preferably during combat! A rich history and intricate relationships among the dungeon's denizen s. When you level up. Get advice from the DM or another player. Figure out the maxjmum damage that each one could do, and pick the biggest number.

Why might you choose to seek out an artifact? The potential for conflict between its goals and yours oITers great roleplaying opportunities. It has a mind of its own, and following its impulses is sure to keep things interesting and unprcd ictable. Finding it requires a long, exciting process of researching buried secrets and interpreting clues. It is the last link to a forgotten world of the past, and it might know secrets of an ancient culture. A dispute has arisen among your fellow players. What would most make you want to resolve it?

People are starting to take it personally, and you want everyone to get along. The disagreement is taking time away from an exciting combat. Your charncter has been through a lot with this party, and the dispute imperils those hard -won bonds of fellowship. Share your motivation with your DM, so he or she knows the best ways to keep you engaged in the game. You enjoy occasional events that satisfy this type of player, but you get bored without some variety in the DM's approach.

Since we have to start somewhere, this book handles class selection first, but you can easily jump back and forth between the sections depending on your preferences. Regardless of which way you lean, you shouldn't make the two decisions independently of one another. Even though any race can pair effectively with any class, certain combinations offer Significant advantages for your character.

Beyond mechanics and rules, though, your character's class also shapes a Significant portion of his or her identity in the game. With over two dozen classes to choose from, the combined scope and importance of this decision can be daunting. This section provides tips and guidance to help connect you with the ideal class. Include the story ofyour class in your selection process. Anyone can tell the difference between a cleric and a warlord by the powers they use; strive to achieve that same individuality in your character's attitude, appearance, and actions by harnessing what makes your class unique from all others.

This role describes, in broad terms, the class's basic function in battle. Don't confuse class and role. Your character's class clearly defines how you interact with various rules of the game: how many hit points you gain per level, what features you gain, which powers you can select, and so forth. With very few exceptions. Instead, your character's role serves as a tool for understanding how you fit into your group. Two different classes that have the same role, such as a fighter and a warden. Both of these defender classes share high defenses particularly AC , good durability, decent melee attacks, and a talent for drawing enemy attacks toward themselves and away from their allies.

Many players begin their decision on which class to play by first selecting a role. Sometimes that's because the player prefers the talents common to a particular role, but more often it's to help fill a gap and create a strong, well-rounded party. See Chapter 2 for more on this topic.

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Either way, knowing the roles can help you choose the class that's right for you. The Player's Handbook provides basic information on each of the four roles, and anyone who's played the game has likely seen all four roles in action. Controller: Ifyou play this role. You don't want to get mixed up in melee: That's for your allies to worry about.

By spreading your damage across multiple targets, you don't get to deliver the killing attack quite as often on the big, tough enemies. Of all the player motivations see the quiz on page 12 , thinkers fit best with controller classes. Played right, a controller can often turn the tide of a battle before it even gets dangerous. In a game with lots of minions, the slayer has great fun playing a controller. Controller classes include the druid, invoker, psion, seeker, and wizard. Take this quiz to find out which of the eight classes from the Player's Handbook matches you the best.

The results might even suggest a class for your next adventurer. Add up the number of answers you gave for each class to see which class best fits your attitude. What's your best quality? I'm the smartest one in the room. I know how to get out oft rouble. I have a winning personality. Who would you trust to teach you? Only the greatest tactical minds of the kingdom. I deserve training from a mighty archmage.