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By this game one can restructure the neurons in the brain.

We know that the environment changes our state of mind, but the reverse is true too. Our state of mind changes our environment. Our brain also changes, as does our way of thinking. From that meeting I remember that they were sitting together, drank some wine and sang. That was just regular red wine, and they smoked pipe.

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Maybe aromatic herbs, because they were always present in the tobacco for pipe. I suspect they might have exchanged some plants and mushrooms. I remember a real big mountain person who had made a tobacco bag from cat skin. That was soft skin. At a certain moment, he was looking for something at the bottom of the bag, removed it and held it up.

They were sitting in a circle and sang guttural sounds. I had drunk one glass of wine, to which I had the right to drink, and then I fell asleep. The others drank more of course. From all the children, who were twelve, thirteen years old, I was the youngest. We took the entire night to get home. They were singing for two reasons: for themselves and for the others, the world.

Now I know that the sound can have a magical and mystical, but also a practical purpose. They sang themselves into a special state of mind. I did see that they did something secretly, that we, boys, were not allowed to see.

Guided by the Light - An Interview

The singing brought them into a special state of mind; that was the most important ritual. In regard to the use of consciousness expanding means, another memory surfaces. I am seeing the old cemetery, the protestant cemetery, with the totem poles. The Hungarian protestants used the ancient pagan totem poles.

Because the Catholics had crosses, the protestants wanted to distinguish themselves from the Catholics by using the ancient totem poles of the pagan religion on their graves. Actually these are the guardian spirits of the deceased, or sometimes the deceased themselves.

One day I was walking with him at the more than two hundred year old cemetery, when from the other side a gypsy was approaches us. In Hungary there two kinds of gypsies: some of them have a permanent residence in the cities, and the others travel around and trade in horses, while their wives are fortune-tellers.

I still can see the gypsy before me. He was wearing a black wide hat, those were traveling gypsies, the Romani. He was speaking a little Hungarian, and he was looking for Tamas Bacsi. Somebody must have sent him here and given him a description of Tamas Bacsi.

When he arrived at the cemetery he recognized him immediately, and asked him if he was Tamas Bacsi. He said that he had some herbs from the mountains.

Flora Desondes - Joska Soos the shaman

He had a pouch which he opened, and he showed the contents to Tamas to smell. They resort to artificial means instead of taking the time and effort. Thus, they are lazy.


They are not worthy, because they want to reap without making an effort. I have had several initiations. Actually they were more like tests to see what abilities I had and to what extent. When I was twelve years old, I was staying for a summer vacation in Solt.

On a warm day of July, Tamas Bacsi told me to go to a pond. Near the village were several ponds, the result of clay dug up to construct houses. The ponds were about a hundred meters wide and three hundred meters long. The depth depended on the rain fall and the season.

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The pond had more or less the form of a skull. I had to go to that pond and find him a horse skull, and bring it to him. I asked him where exactly I would find it. The water was not that deep, but when you went in it, you sank into the mud up to your knees, and the water became muddied. He said that I had to find that out for myself. He did say to go stand in the middle of the pond and to enter into contact with the water and feel that way where the skull was. I let myself be guided by my feelings.

I found an old bucket deep in the mud. Like a radar I was being attracted by objects. The strange thing was that I first was attracted to iron objects. Then I found a reed basket, that was a little more alive. I tried to stand still to let the mud settle, so I could something that looked like a skull in a little more clear water. I reached down and I felt something sharp, and when I pulled I felt that it was buried deep in the mud.

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The horse skull must have been there for many years, because it was sticking out of the mud for only two fingers. All that searching lasted for about forty minutes. I proudly brought the skull to Tamas Bacsi. He was under a tree, and I put the skull in front of his feet. It was part of a series of happenings that comprised my initiation. At that time I became aware that I had abilities that actually I always had, and which a lot of people have.

Looking for that skull was a means to waken my ability, and to actually do it, by thinking at what I was looking for and by this making contact with the object. You can also see that with collectors who often find something that has value to them in an unexpected way. Also, most famous antiquarians know that they have a lucky hand in buying or selling.

These abilities are present in man, and in shamanism they are called upon for specific purposes. In my case it was also a totem animal, the horse. Even in the 11th and 12th century shaman were still offering white horses, and the Hungarian king Stephan the Holy One made an end to the practice with great effort.

The skull of a horse was an archetypical image for the entire popular culture which held a shamanic tradition. In the same period, my teacher send me to find a red brick at the east side of a hill about four kilometers from our village. In the course of history there was a watch tower on the hill, and in the 16th century the Turks had built a fort, that had been leveled afterward, and the farmers now had their fields there. From time to time they unearthed bricks or pieces of iron. These were red or white bricks. The white bricks were from the time of the Romans who also had a fort over there.

I had to find a red brick, and not a small piece.